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About Agatha Amsterdam

Every knitter has a cat! Agatha is always around me cuddling or playing with the yarns while I am knitting; she inspired me to create AGATHA AMSTERDAM.

Since I was a child I have had a passion for knitting. I was fascinated by my grandma’s skill and creativity when she knitted for us, and I spent hours with her watching and learning. Leaving Portugal over a decade ago, I took this passion with me and rediscovered the joy and endless creative opportunities of this beautiful craft.

Portugal is my home country and its heritage and culture are always in my heart. My house is filled with objects that take me back home to my roots. I came to realise that the traditional Portuguese aesthetic is part of me, my identity and my work.

AGATHA AMSTERDAM is a combination of my heritage and my passion for knitting. I am blending this inspiration with the laid back, modern lifestyle of my new home, Amsterdam. The pieces of AGATHA AMSTERDAM combine traditional craftsmanship made in Portugal, using the very best high quality natural fibers, with a modern and sophisticated aesthetic that fits perfectly into your beautiful home.

Daniela Pereira, designer and owner of Agatha Amsterdam